Hi, I’m Dawn Hawkins, welcome to EduTechGirl.com. 

A little about me: I am an Instructional Designer for Education Management Corporation as well as an Assistant Online Program Director of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division's Web Design & Interactive Media department. In addition to my work as a college administrator, I have taught classes to students of all ages through my work as a college instructor, Montessori teacher and substitute teacher.  While the bulk of my work experience during my professional career to date has been in the field of higher education, I do not feel that my talents are limited to that work alone.  

I have many interests and a multifaceted set of skills.  Throughout the time that I have worked in higher education I have also worked actively as an Independent Internet Professional.  This has allowed me to showcase my skills as a web designer and developer, web host administrator, database administrator and project manager.  I have been active in two different roller derby leagues as a skater,  President, Secretary, Bout Production Chair and sponsorship / public relations liaison.  These opportunities within my leagues have allowed me the opportunity to hone my skills of leadership, event planning, team building, policy writing, marketing, social media and public relations.  Additionally, I was the Chair of the 2nd largest community health center in the state of Hawaii.

In most jobs I have held I have worked my way into leadership roles promptly, as I am a natural leader.  In high school I went from dishwasher to kitchen manager in under a year at a local restaurant.  I stayed with that same company until I went away to college. In college, I went from a regular student employee in the photography lab to an assistant manager (a staff position before completing college).  Shortly after I moved on to manage a computer lab at a neighboring college.  I worked at a help desk and quickly became a lead on my team prior to settling in to teaching college fulltime.  I set my sights high and aim to achieve!

My volunteer experiences have allowed me the opportunity to work with a wide range of children and adults as well. I founded a children’s museum and volunteered as the Executive Director and outreach coordinator for a few years. I have also been involved with a local nonprofit coalition, have helped build a house with Habitat for Humanity, have worked as a summer education program intern at a children’s museum and have developed and led technology classes at a local YMCA.

I completed a Doctorate in Instructional Leadership at Argosy University / Phoenix in 2008. In addition to the doctorate, I have earned a Master's in Information Systems Management and Master's in Project Management both at Keller Graduate School of Management and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in Photography and Printmaking.

When I am not working or developing curriculum or I enjoy spending time with my family or playing Roller Derby with the Dallas Derby Devils.